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Fulfillment Fulfillment
ESP Computer Services provides complete subscription fulfillment for both ABC and BPA International magazines, newspapers and newsletters. In addition to handling traditional print publications ESP is proud to offer Real-Time Internet Fulfillment.

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Customer Service Customer Service
The true value of ESP lies in our highly specialized customer service staff. Our customer service representatives are extensively trained to deal with high-maintenance subscribers. Our CSR's have vast experience in providing meaningful one-on-one service to the customer. Customer service inquiries received via email from subscribers are checked and responded to on an hourly basis. Orders are checked for duplications as they are entered into the system and while the subscriber is still on the phone so errors are kept to a minimum.

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Unique Capabilities Unique Capabilities

Now more than ever you need an advantage in order to make the most of every interaction with your customers. Whether your priority is to personalize interactions, make on-the-fly marketing offers, or provide customized services for your unique business requirements, ESP can deliver.

ESP has a proven track record of providing sophisticated tools and systems to help you maximize interactions with your customers. Since our inception we’ve been known as a technology leader. It’s part of our corporate culture that started with real-time integrated systems back in the 1970s and continues through today.

Some Unique Capabilities and Services that we offer include:

XML Web Services
ESP was the first fulfillment house to offer this as part of the basic service we continue to have the most robust and full featured suite. This allows you real-time access to complete customer data, including historical purchase history, from almost any device that can connect to the internet.

Flexible and extensible
We work with clients that demand more than just plain fulfillment. We’ve designed and built systems to integrate a sales front-end onto the subscription database, so sales can be made from a list of prospects and instantly converted into trail or paid subscribers.

Customized Interface
Group processing, comp management, event registration, all require custom web pages in order for the transactions to be efficiently and accurately processed. Our background of over 30 years of designing and implementing real-time systems helps us provide self-service interfaces to your customers that will allow them to perform their transactions in a speedy and efficient manner without shooting themselves in the foot.

Interactive Reporting
ESP provides real-time interactive reporting. Do you want to see how your sales have increased in the last fifteen minutes, or how many subscribers responded to the third effort email renewal in the last half-hour. You can get those answers from our system 24 x 7.

We show you what we’re doing. You can check our customer service telephone and email activity, look at any customer records, and see what jobs we’re running for you tonight. We truly believe in the philosophy that openness and visibility benefits everyone. Mistakes will always be made, but honesty and visibility help you deal with them as effectively as possible.

We realize that technology can only take you so far. However, technology coupled with experience, intelligent design, and a partner that will work with you can produce amazing results.

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Lettershop Lettershop
We provide laser or impact printing of bills, renewals, acknowledgments, requalifications and all other promotions. We can even send your bills and renewals via email if you wish. Subscribers can then click on the link in the email and pay within minutes.

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Reporting Reporting
We are experts when it comes to data management. Reports can be customized to meet each clients needs. We offer a complete range of daily, weekly, and monthly transaction as well as financial, promotion response and distribution reporting. Reports and summary files can be delivered via ftp, e-mail or diskettes to client PCs for further analysis. ESP can put your reports out on the FTP site at no cost to you so you can view them anytime. (This is especially helpful when you are tracking daily flash counts on your promotions.)

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Our customers rave about our products

Choosing ESP has been one of the most significant strategic decisions we have made at Referee. It has changed the way we run our business. They helped us review our internal process and procedures and we became more efficient and accurate, saving us both time and money. Their real time reporting gives us 24/7 365 day a year decision making ability. A big improvement over our thirty day batch cycle we worked with for so many years. Working with ESP has been a triple winner for us. Improved technology & reporting, better customer service and lower costs. Can’t get any better than that!

Patrick Sharpe
Vice President, Marketing & Business Development
Referee Magazine and The National Association of Sports Officials