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ESP Family Profiles

Jack Miller, CEO

Jack Miller, CEO

Jack Miller graduated with bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Washington in 1962. He served in the US Army for 8 years, including a one-year stint in Vietnam, attaining a rank of major in the signal corps.

In 1971 Jack joined ESP Computer Services, Inc. to help design system applications to handle appointment setting, scheduling, and billing in various industries.

ESP became the fulfillment company for Variety Magazine in 1981 and then began to focus solely on magazine fulfillment. As such, ESP’s system was designed from the outset as a real-time, fulfillment system suited for daily publications. Jack and ESP spent the better part of the 80’s programming a platform with great flexibility. Jack loves to develop programmatic solutions to the most complex problems, and Variety provided that challenge.

ESP emerged from the 80’s capable of handling mixed-circulation publications, daily frequencies, hand delivery, and high-end customer service. In the next decade, Jack and ESP started to reap the benefits of their programming expertise, as word of mouth spread and prospective clients began to call on ESP. New clients led to new problems to solve. With Jack’s leadership and foresight, ESP integrated a product system linked to the subscription system and offering a single-customer view. They also began to manage online access with usernames and passwords.

Today, ESP is on the cutting edge of technology with its integrated database, XML web services and intuitive client interface which offers great access and visibility into subscriber information, reporting and system procedures. ESP has grown in size and stature, but its philosophy is the same as Jack set forth 51 years ago: "to provide customized solutions designed to meet each client’s unique business requirements." As a premiere, boutique, fulfillment company, ESP now has a staff of 80 employees who handle 250 publications.

Stefan Beeli, CTO

Stefan Beeli, CTO

Stefan Beeli joined ESP Computer Services in 1984 as a part-time computer operator while attending College. After graduation, he spent the next few years developing online programs and focusing on the new technologies offered by the Internet. In 1997 he led ESP’s development efforts in providing online gate-keeping and fulfillment for one of the Internet’s first paid content web sites, Variety.com. Realizing that real-time interaction between web-sites and customer data would be a key technology for publishing companies, Stefan helped standardize that interaction by developing a suite of XML Web Services to help facilitate that interaction. Stefan continues to work with ESP’s clients to provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

Today, he serves as ESP’s Chief Technical Officer, overseeing web development, mainframe development, warehouse operations and Lettershop.

Stefan holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science from Cal State Northridge. He’s a former WFMA Board member and has spoken at many a conference over his career, most notably, CircDayLA, Folio:, Circulation Management. .

Michael Jordan, COO

Mike Jordan, COO

Mike Jordan began his circulation career in 1991 with Petersen Publishing, publishers of Motor Trend, Hot Rod, and Teen, to name a few. First building a foundation of knowledge in renewals, bills, and circulation analysis, he eventually oversaw all subscription sales for 13 of Petersen’s 32 magazines at the time. In 1996, he left to become the Circulation Director at Los Angeles Business Journal.

There, he developed subscription promotion campaigns for the 20 year-old publication that caused circulation to grow by 30%. He also tripled circulation for the start-up San Fernando Valley Business Journal. Having experienced outside fulfillment with Petersen Publishing, and having run the in-house fulfillment operations at the Business Journal, Mike next ventured into the fulfillment business.

In March of 2003, Mike joined ESP Computer Services as the Director of Operations. In 2006, he became a part owner and now serves as the Chief Operations Officer. In this role he oversees a 50+ person department comprising account executives, customer service, data entry, e-mail correspondence, and reconciliation.

Mike has served on the board of directors for the Western Fulfillment Management Association for 14 years and is a past WFMA President. He has served as the conference chair for CircDay LA three times, and for the Association of Area Business Publications three times. He has spoken at events for FMA, WFMA, AABP, Folio:West, and the Los Angeles Direct Marketing Association.

Mike is one of those seemingly rare natives of Los Angeles. He currently lives in the San Fernando Valley with his wife of 15 years and two kids.

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