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Why Our Customers Love ESP

Subject: RE: Big Thanks!

You are all quite welcome, and the relief I feel every time I work on something of yours vs. the old company is proof positive we made the right choice.

The perfect example was Friday at 4:30, Nick asked for a list of Grappling active subs by zip code for a meeting he has with Wal-Mart. The old company would have needed three business days to run a galley for us. I went on pubservice, pulled the list, exported into Excel and with minimal formatting was able to email it to Nick at his meeting. You guys rock!

See you soon!

Kristi Dougherty

Subject: Account Executive, Walter Williams

Walter, you are royally awesome! Thanks for the quick turnaround on this one; it's much appreciated. I am extremely grateful that you are so receptive to our priorities and go the extra mile to complete a project when we give it to you at the last minute with a tight deadline.



Subject: How ESP Has Helped Us

Choosing ESP has been one of the most significant strategic decisions we have made at Referee. It has changed the way we run our business. They helped us review our internal process and procedures and we became more efficient and accurate, saving us both time and money. Their real time reporting gives us 24/7 365 day a year decision making ability. A big improvement over our thirty day batch cycle we worked with for so many years. Working with ESP has been a triple winner for us. Improved technology & reporting, better customer service and lower costs. Can’t get any better than that!

Patrick Sharpe
Vice President, Marketing & Business Development
Referee Magazine and The National Association of Sports Officials

Subject: ESP's commitment to Service

I get the feeling that Jack at ESP is much different, and hopefully his employees follow his lead and actually deal with our customers with the goal of to trying and solve the problem for good versus the "Old Fulfillment House's" method of trying to make the calls short and profitable. Jack seems like a very practical person who takes pride in his work, willing to work long hours, etc..

Bob Twilegar
Western Outdoors Publications

Subject: Account Executive, Walter Williams

Good Afternoon Stefan,

I realize that I wrote an e-mail last week about some of the CSR’s, but forgot to include my gratitude for Walter! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate having Walter working on our account. Since I started in my position (main Liaison between our two companies), I was still fairly new to circulation and the Country, but always had Walter able to assist me with any query, or organize fellow colleagues to explain to me some of the queries I have faced.

I just wanted to show a small token of my appreciation.


Adrian Al-Samarrie

Subject: Account Executive, Colleen Alcorn

To whom it may concern:

So often, people write to complain about the service they receive. I am writing on the contrary. I had been trying to reach my Billboard rep for months. She never called me back. We had several group subscriptions and I was trying to cancel some, add some and condense them all onto one account.

Somehow, I was lucky enough to get the phone number of Collen Alcorn. Not only was she responsive and helpful, but she has gone above and beyond to make sure that I have all the information that I need.

It is because of Colleen's help that I did not cancel all five subscriptions. Additionally, we have signed up for Billboard Bulletin.

As I stated, I just thought I should bring to your attention what an exemplary employee Collen has been.

Thank you for your time.

Lisa Hauptman

Subject: Re: Account Executive, Walter Williams

Walter --

You are a saint. If you wouldn't mind. We probably need to set up a meeting soon to begin discussing integration with our Single Customer Sign-on data (that's a separate email). But when we do come down there, I'm buying you a lunch, my friend. You are extremely helpful at times like this, and I want you to know how much we appreciate you up here.

Thanks again,

Dan Woods

Subject: RE: thanks

Yes, no problem at all. And I'd like to direct a more personal note of thanks to you (Stefan) for your work on this and other projects. Not to knock my colleagues by any means, but I found you (and Arti) to be consistently more focused, effective on this project than some of my own colleagues -- a pretty nice accomplishment for a vendor.

Todd Petracek, Paperloop

Subject: Thanks from Paperloop

Hope everyone at ESP has a great holiday weekend.

Thanks, as always, for your hard work day in and day out on behalf of Paperloop. We certainly don't say it enough, but each of your efforts are definitely recognized and very much appreciated!

Please keep up the great work!

Thanks for forwarding this note to anyone I may have inadvertently missed.

Peter Klehm

Short Stories

THANK YOU!!! All of you have done a fantastic job with our conversion and made us very happy with our decision!

Teresa Owens, BNP Media

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy working with you and the ESP System is so user friendly. I absolutely LOVE the invoice feature. It takes me two seconds to create an invoice, when it used to take me hours. Thanks again for everything.

Catherine Ronan, BNP Media

took a look at the webform and I LOVE IT!!! IT'S GREAT!!!. Thank you so much for making this happen, we couldn't have done this without you both. I told Colleen that I'm going to send something to both of you for making this happen (I'll throw in something for the programmer too).

Michele Larsen